NANO LLC - DESIGN: Interiors, Planning, Furnture

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The design firm NANO, L.L.C. originated in October of 2001, and since its inception, the motivating philosophy behind its success is one of spatial relationships based upon a series of scales. This philosophy is performed by an analytical study of context and perspective, which translates into thinking of any project as encompassing not only the most removed, observable viewpoint, but also the most minutiae. NANO approaches each project at not only the scale of the city, the block, and the street, but also at the level of the smallest essentials - the joint, the reveal, and the grain. In the process of developing a project, no scale holds supremacy, but must inform one another to structure the overall design concept.

NANO encourages an "open forum" of communication between the client and the design team. No programmatic element is overlooked, whether large or small in scale. With this philosophy, NANO has developed into a comprehensive design firm, providing architectural design, interior design, and furniture design services.