Southwest Pass Station

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Use: Residential & Commercial
Location: Southwest Pass, Mississippi River
Size: 18,500 SF
Category: Architecture

The Associated Branch Pilots are tasked with safely navigating cargo ships up the Mississippi River. Pilots and their support staff work and live while they are on duty for two weeks at a time at the Southwest Pass Station located at the foot of the Mississippi River and accessible only by boat. As a part of the renovation of the Station, NANO was hired to select and detail a new exterior cladding system for the existing building. Due to its location, the building is subject to harsh conditions and severe wind loads, all of which needed to be taken into consideration in the selection of the skin. NANO was ultimately drawn to cladding systems used on offshore rigs and other facilities exposed to harsh marine conditions and selected a system of insulated panels with a membrane beneath to combat the moisture infiltration issues afflicting the original building envelope.

** This project won the Excellence in Sustainability Honorable Mention at the 2018 AIA New Orleans Design Awards**