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Use: Municipal – Offices
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 42,000 SF
Category: Architecture & Interior Design

The New Orleans S&WB Engineering Building houses testing laboratories, engineering departments, emergency operations, executive and administration offices, a 500-person capacity auditorium, and archival large format storage. Built in 1984 and last renovated in 1994, the current facility requires updates and repairs to meet energy and code requirements, as well as technological advancements. Additionally, the current facility does not function well for the current or future agency organization, growth or site conditions.

NANO has developed a project that establishes a new centralized lobby that eases access, enhances security, and enables a new layout that reinforces the organizational requirements. While the current facility was ringed by closed offices, NANO, while redeveloping and renovating the exterior skin, has created an open office outer band, creating improved natural lighting while allowing for better interdepartmental communication, and allocating for future growth. Some of this area was through more efficient layout and standardization, while additional area was recaptured through high capacity efficiency storage for archival/historic infrastructure mappings. In addition, new code compliant bathrooms, elevator and MEP services will be installed. Primary MEP services shall be relocated to the roof, allowing for additional outdoor seating areas and the new main access point.

This project is currently under construction *