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Metairie Road exterior front angle 1



Use: Commercial
Location: Metairie, LA
Size: 5,400 SF
Category: Architecture & Interior Design

This $1.6 million, new construction, 5,400 SF commercial building provided a combined program for a hair salon/boutique sales area on one level, as well as another level of rental space. The challenge was to maximize the allowable square footage on a narrow lot, and provide the required parking, while fulfilling the new Metairie Road pedestrian-friendly zoning requirements.

The new zoning requires the parking to be located at the rear of the property in order to better engage and encourage pedestrian traffic. Because the lot was very narrow, a porte-cochere was incorporated into the design to maximize the use of the site footprint. Lot configuration and zoning requirements provided opportunities for a building form and entry sequence that focuses on front façade while creating a “site entrance”.

The materiality of the building was integral to the form and strategy of the project. The architect was tasked with incorporating a modern look, while still considering the context of the neighborhood where the building is located. By using certain materials, the building has an inherent modern aesthetic, but it is respectful of the neighborhood fabric.

Natural light, scale and proportion were also important aspects; by including large windows on the façade, the building has large areas of natural light. The exposed ceilings allow for larger volumes within and the open staircase becomes a building element that transitions from day to night with the use of specifically placed lighting.