Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe rear exterior night



Use: Residence
Location: Montgomery, TX
Size: 5,455 SF
Category: Architecture & Interior Design

This contemporary residence on Lake Conroe in Texas was designed around two primary features – the first was a double height living space facing the lake to the west and the second was a large central courtyard intended to provide the clients with an isolated retreat within their own home. NANO was required to work closely with the local architectural review board throughout the design process, balancing the needs of the client with the restrictions of the committee. As a part of the original program, the clients requested their offices be on the highest floor with a view of the lake. Due to restrictions preventing a third story, the offices were created as a mezzanine on the second floor and hung over the living spaces below. The offices were designed to be suspended from the ceiling , occupying the tallest portion of the double height living space and allowing them to be the highest element in the design without creating a third floor.